Improving Patient Care!

Do not worry when it comes to having problems with your patient data because solving your data problems is what IPeople does best.

Our tagline says it all:

"We Get Your Data!"

Improving the quality of patient care starts with you as an organization being able to focus your efforts on the actual hands-on care of your patients, all while having unconstrained accessibility to a patients' medical history. Even though you may feel as though the current technology that supports your hospitals efforts today is sufficient, as technology continues to advance you might find your organization has gaps or pit falls within your data solutions.

Your IPeople Data Solutions:

  • Create scripts to populate any MEDITECH screen in support of your data entry needs

  • Demand for detailed reporting from MEDITECH and ancillary systems and report writing is on the rise thanks to changing technologies, government initiatives, and the needs of your client base

  • Manage your migration and know how to assure you move accurate historical data cleanly from one system to the next

  • Maintain the quality of care and patient satisfaction when your system is offline

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Put all of your ABS and B/AR account data at your fingertips with the IPeople Account Analysis Wizard. Easily export MEDITECH patient account data into Excel spreadsheets. The intuitive wizard queries your MEDITECH system real-time (no NPR reports) and quickly combines information across multiple applications. Users can finally see the information they need in a usable format. This is the must-have utility for anyone who exports from B/AR.