Pop the Hood on MEDITECH

"What if we could ‘pop the hood’ on MEDITECH so people can see inside? Or better yet, what if we gave users a way they could access their MEDITECH data and live in the ‘now’ of the PC world?” Gary Armfield, COO and Co-founder, IPeople

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Real People

We started with two people developing an interface to MEDITECH. In ten years, we’ve grown to over 60 technical specialists. The story continues as we expand our team of experts to meet the demands of the MEDITECH community.

Real Knowledge

Many of our team gained their MEDITECH proficiency as end users in hospitals. We bring their considerable, first-hand experience to everything at IPeople. Our days are spent immersed in MEDITECH data. As MEDITECH changes, we continue to add to our knowledge and apply what we know.

Real Solutions

Understanding of the MEDITECH user experience, combined with our comprehensive MEDITECH expertise, means every IPeople product and service is designed as a genuine MEDITECH solution. Thanks to our core technologies, the MEDITECH community has the tools to make the exceptional standard.